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    Partnering for Multi-Cloud Value Solutions Across the Globe


    SentientLinc is a global market partner with FlexSecure

    FlexSecure is a flexible User Authentication platform, providing Passwordless and Pin-based authentication. The FlexSecure platform enables organizations of all sizes to mix and match appropriate user authentication methods to protect applications on their Cloud/Mobile/IT infrastructure. FlexSecure is fully integrated into the Sentient API and can be licensed as needed

    Secure Database Migration Demo using FlexSecure Authentication



    SentientLinc is an Ecosystem Partner of CenturyLink

    Connections Around the Corner and Across the Globe

    • 450K+ Global Route Miles of Fiber
    • 60+ Countries and Counting
    • 100,000+ On-Net Buildings

    By combining Level 3 and CenturyLink, we're providing expanded capabilities, network reach and a renewed commitment to outstanding customer service, allowing you to work more efficiently from virtually anywhere in the world.


    SentientLinc is a global market partner of Sellocity

    Sellocity marketing platform allows you to shift from casting a wide net to generate leads to motivated customers looking for your product



    World Wide Tech Connections a team

    SentientLinc is a global market partner of World Wide Tech Connections

    NOW powered by World Wide Tech Connections is a team of top innovators in the fields of language and communication for business and education. NOW brings together all varieties of captioning, automatic translation, and speech technologies under one roof to create the most original and groundbreaking solutions for conferences, classrooms, hospitals, government, law enforcement, and other areas requiring versatile communication.

    OptIn Technologies

    SentientLinc is a global market partner of OptIn Technologies

    OptIn Technologies is a full service, turn-key, affordable Message Strategy. We help small and mid-size businesses utilize the power of mobile and proximity marketing, that have traditionally only been affordable to large scale businesses.