• Features

    SentientDB (dbPaaS)

    Cloud and infrastructure independent

    SentientDB optimizes performance across all cloud providers and infrastructure environments to ensure databases are monitored, managed, available and useable 100% of the time.

    Single pane of glass visibility to all enterprise database environments with real time performance monitoring

    SentientDB provides complete monitoring and management of database resources and critical attributes to take action preventing service outages through data mobility for live migration, auto cluster/scale, auto-replicate, and auto-failover across all enterprise cloud environments.

    Secure cluster synchronization with transaction consistency

    SentientDB provides cluster management including scaling clusters (up or down) dependent on transaction volume across hybrid cloud environments while retaining transaction consistency in all clustered environments

    Policy-based, real-time data mobility anywhere in the enterprise cloud in real time

    SentientDB uses Artificial Intelligence, cognitive policy engine and meta-container technology to manage database operating optimization through secure data mobility anywhere in the enterprise to meet RTO/RPO objectives

    Automated discovery of enterprise server inventory, OS and logical network locations with auto-provisioning for service

    By utilizing SentientDB's "Scout" and "Blueprint" systems, enterprise severs are discovered, compatibility mapped for mobility to optimize database performance.