• Who We Are

    Cognitive Application Network Solutions (CANS)

    Cognitive Application Network Solutions (CANS) was formed in 2015 to address market needs for enterprise database management across all cloud environments. The critical industry problems CANS addressed include:

    1. Current DBaaS cloud solutions do not provide vendor independent multi-cloud data mobility (auto-failover, auto-scaling, auto-migration) without disrupting the user experience
    2. Secure multi-cloud management environments require custom solutions, multi-vendor integration complexity and vendor lock-in 
    3. Enterprises want to adopt and leverage public cloud projected ROIs to reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

    CANS Sentient DataBase as a Service (DBaaS) provides automated and secure enterprise management with database mobility across all hybrid cloud environments.

    Sentient Database Platform (SDP) provides self-healing, self-scaling and location-transparent SQL and NoSQL databases in real time, giving end-to-end visibility and quality of service assurance where performance is optimized with no service outages

    We believe that the Sentient Database Platform (SDP) is the only DBaaS solution on the market that manages hybrid cloud environments with data mobility

    SDP manages distributed SQL and NoSQL databases as if they were in one datacenter, from one console, with automated data migration in public or private clouds without service disruption.

    Jimmy Jobe (President and CEO)

    An executive with over 30 years of experience specializing in technology management with extensive entrepreneurial leadership in managed solution services and building new products, applications and businesses. He has broad experience in software product and managed solution services; enabling business growth and scalability of software products and services through licensed service and managed service models. These product and services encompass delivery of commercial software products in a wide range of industries; using a variety of technologies and business requirements. These industries include infrastructure service providers, network management, telecommunications, retail, energy/utilities and specialized enterprise IT products and applications. Jimmy’s experience includes many C-Level organizational roles and board of director positions in developing new businesses and commercial enterprise products.

    Ravi Rao (SVP Strategic Partnerships and Business Development)

    Ravi Rao has over 30 years of executive management experience in the High Tech industries covering the following markets: Information and Data Security (microchip technology –Smart Cards and multi-factor authentication), Redaction and Workflow Management, Bollywood Film and TV Animation, Healthcare, Aviation and Telecommunications. His expertise lies in business development and partnerships, operations, ROI growth strategies, profit maximization, capital funds raising, contract negotiations, start-up catalyst specialist, smart card, microchip technology and cybersecurity expert (NIW) and mergers /acquisitions / joint ventures.

    Dr. Daniele Zito (Chief Product Architect and VP of R&D)

    Dr. Daniele Zito has a Ph.D. and a Master Degree in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Catania, Italy. In his 10+ years of experience in ICT industry, Daniele has collaborated with several companies, covering several positions such as Software Developer, Senior Software Architect and VP of Engineering. His expertise lies in the design and optimization of distributed systems. Daniele’s skills include; design of scalable and robust distributed applications; design of middleware for heterogeneous resources; management of distributed databases; management of cloud and multi-cloud environments. Daniele was did research at the University of Catania, where he taught Object-Oriented Programming, Operating Systems and Design of Distributed Systems. He has published more than 30 scientific papers, peer-reviewed for international Journals and Conferences.