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    Partnering for Multi-Cloud Value Solutions Across the Globe


    CANS is a global market partner with FlexSecure

    FlexSecure is a flexible User Authentication platform, providing Passwordless and Pin-based authentication. The FlexSecure platform enables organizations of all sizes to mix and match appropriate user authentication methods to protect applications on their Cloud/Mobile/IT infrastructure. FlexSecure is fully integrated into the Sentient API and can be licensed as needed

    Secure Database Migration Demo using FlexSecure Authentication



    CANS is an Ecosystem Partner of CenturyLink

    Connections Around the Corner and Across the Globe

    • 450K+ Global Route Miles of Fiber
    • 60+ Countries and Counting
    • 100,000+ On-Net Buildings

    By combining Level 3 and CenturyLink, we're providing expanded capabilities, network reach and a renewed commitment to outstanding customer service, allowing you to work more efficiently from virtually anywhere in the world.


    CANS is an Ecosystem Partner of C3DNA

    C3DNA brings end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to enterprise private or hybrid clouds. Existing as well as new cloud-native applications can be on-boarded, deployed across clouds, and then managed via policies to provide application-centric visibility and dynamic real-time management with instant cross-cloud mobility.




    CANS is a global market partner of Sellocity

    Sellocity marketing platform allows you to shift from casting a wide net to generate leads to motivated customers looking for your product