• Sentient Database Platform (SDP)

    Providing secure and intelligent data mobility anytime and anywhere

    Enterprise Database Mobility and Management

    SDP provides a single pane of glass to monitor and manage all the enterprise databases regardless of cloud vendor or location.

    SDP enables distributed management of critical application databases across all public cloud providers with optimized operation at all times.

    See below "How it Works"

  • How It Works

    Sentient Database Platform (SDP)



    • SDP monitors all databases in the enterprise regardless of cloud provider (see figure above).
    • Monitoring data is aggregated to a single console for analysis, trending and reporting of performance.
    • Database resources and critical performance attributes are  monitored for action in real time.



    Take Action

    • Monitoring data is compared to cognitive policies/thresholds set for each database.
    • SDP takes the prescribed actions to optimize the database  environment in real time.
    • SDP performs these actions in single or multi/hybrid environments


    SDP provides:

    • service provisioning
    • service delivery
    • service assurance

    across the database lifecycle ensuring an optimized operating environment with no loss of transactions.